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" Their unique training has doubled our closing ratio, cut sales-time in half, and taken the customers' focus off of price."

- Director of Training - Regional home enterainment service provider






At ClientQuest, our trainers join your representatives on sales and service call to learn about your customers and prioritize their true issues. By gaining a clear understanding of what your customers genuinely want, we are able to tailor your training so that it makes a powerful impact on your position in the marketplace. Your representatives learn how to get customers to open up. Then they can effectively relate the value of your company to your customers' world. When customers can be shown that you have the right solution to their issues, price no longer becomes the determining factor in the sale. This is important because it lets you grow without ever having to resort to heavy discounting.


Customers who are irritated or negative from the outset can be frustrating. When a call goes badly, sales and service representatives rarely consider what they could have done differently to change the outcome from a defensive "no" to a resounding "yes"! Using rigorous role-playing techniques, we train your representatives to see things from a customers' perspective. Problem-solving skills are strengthened and your people are given the powerful tools they need to uncover a customer's real objections and overcome them. The benefits make a major impact on your bottom line. Calls become up to 60% shorter. Closing ratios increase. Customer satisfaction soars. Employee retention improves.

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